Our quality is what sets us apart.

  • Certification.


    Mecanizados del Besós works under very rigorous quality control in order to guarantee a perfect final product on its delivery date, which the market demands. It is not just a saying, our obsession to have a great final product already took us in 1999 to introduce the IS0 9001-2000 Quality Norm, which is why were are totally involved in continuous quality improvement.

    One of our key efficiency factors is our rigorous self-control system. Every manufactured batch has its own definite control measures, parameters, and frequency modulations. These printouts, with the obtained data and signed by the corresponding operator, are part of all the mechanizing process and are revised at the end of each phase by a quality technician.

    When the pieces are ready to be turned in, along with the layouts, manufacturing process sheets and the remaining documents, the quality chief picks up, revises and checks again in order to guarantee with his signature that everything is valid..


    Ver certificado oficial en PDF

  • Satisfaction.


    According to recognized polls by Applus we are annually obligated to send our clients a satisfaction questionnaire about our quality service, delivery due dates, finished product, packaging,…,…

    To achieve a high score we constantly improve our production processes. An example of these improvements is the incorporation into our control process the recovery of defects by welding of cast iron. In this way, if the pores or cracks are detected, we report them to the Client through a communicate defects from and if the Client gives their permission we repair them ensuring the objectives.

    In the following graph you can only see the global data, but our clients have complete access to the questionnaires. Since 2003, when this system was installed, none of our client’s satisfaction has been lower than 80%..


  • Quality.


    Beyond the satisfaction of our clients we have other more objective metric that describes very well the quality level of our production processes. A highly descriptive metric, is the low percentage of pieces that do not meet customer requirements and therefore do not successfully pass our controls (the non-quality). We show the evolution in this graph::



Calidad de los procesos de producción Control del mecanizado por arranque de viruta Aparatos de medición

If you want to know more about our quality controls do not hesitate in contacting us.

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