Mechanization CNC is for the automobile, valve and foundries

Mecanizados del Besós has been offering its high quality and services in all of its projects since 1965. We are specialized in:

  • Mechanizing components for ball valves, pump chambers and valve actuators.
  • Turning axles, pinions, automobile hoses, supports and wheel hubs for the automobile sector.
  • NCC (Numeric Control Center) mechanizing supports and bridles.

We are a subcontracted referential company.


Quality: Just like in our services and mechanized process, we adapt ourselves to new challenges that the market requires. This is why we have been working following the ISO 9001 norm for the past 10 years.

Service: We are flexible, capable to adapt our machinery load to our clients’ needs, and turn in urgent work in a short amount of time..

Implication: Using parts recovery processes by means of smelting repairs of superficial defects on our smelting materials. Our goal is to always be aligned with our clients’ objectives.

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