Válvula de bola


If there is something that distinguishes us, it is our capacity to adapt ourselves to our client without losing a single bit of quality. Our products are targeted towards such various sectors as the automobile, valve, agricultural machinery, foundries and all types of mechanical components.

  • Fluid flow valve components..

    Our mechanized ability can oscillate from ½” of interior flow (15 m/m) up to 16” of interior flow (400 m/m) depending on which norm they follow, the ANSI or DIN norm, and in all types of materials: iron-carbon, stainless steel, duplex, superduplex or monel steel. To mechanize these pieces we use CNC drills, CNC vertical center and CNC horizontal center machinery, multiple drill holes, and if it is a single piece we use universal drill holes. In case there are superficial pores, and our clients give us permission, we will repair them by welding and re-mechanizing them, and once again we return them to our client, always with their permission, who are previously informed through photographs and quality reports.

  • Valve actuator mechanization..

    Componentes de automoción Besides valves, we also work on actuator components such as bodies, lids, pistons and cylinders in which one of the most important manufacturing processes has been its mechanization in the CNC horizontal center machinery.

  • Liquid extraction and pressure pump components..

    We have mechanizing experience in this type of product. We make all the pieces that pumps are made up of, like: pump bodies, cylinder heads, axles, lids, etc.

  • The mechanization components for vans, trucks and agricultural machinery.

    our clients in our sector, we are pleased having been trusted suppliers for Pegaso and Nissan (we currently continue to collaborate with COMESA, which is part of the Iveco Group). For this company we manufacture axles, wheel hubs, automobile hoses, supports and pinions for speed gear boxes, their its sizes range from 1,000m/m. Ø, by 1,500 m/m long. Cuerpo de válvula de bola

  • Mechanization for foundries.

    More and more manufacturers demand that smelted pieces be turned in finished in order to eliminate interval organizational problems. Mecanizados del Besós collaborates with the foundries in this process offering all of its quality and delivery due date guarantees.

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